Creative explorers –  transformative journeys for life transitions

Lagoa das Sete Cidades

Our mother's birthday wish to spend time with her children became a gift for all of us, with new explorations as a family.

This enriching experience has further inspired us to support others at different stages in life where pausing in a new and different way can be beneficial.


Deep experience of nature

Deep connection: purposeful exchanges

Deep reflection




The physical distance from other continents allows a certain "headspace" for inspiring experiences here on São Miguel. This island, where the power of the earth is tangible and palpable, offers an impressive backdrop for deepening the understanding of connections and achieving aha-effects; this thanks to a holistic approach through the five core capacities. Deep experience of nature, "impulses" as thought-provoking sparks as well as targeted interactive exchanges in respectful surroundings, offer new perspectives and promote one's own reflection in order to reconsider certain aspects of life. For an enriching experience with fellow guests, you will be encouraged to engage, and in addition to your mind, open your heart and soul to further broaden your horizons.


Experience a unique and memorable week in a historic monument from the 17th century

during transitions such as:

after the children left home, couples who wish to reinvent themselves,

faced by a life-limiting illness or bereaved

or when retirement is in the foreground.


We are all creative explorers!

Experiential journey

Lagoa das Furnas

Find your inner compass on an experiential journey with Caribou

may we invite you to:

foster reflection in profound exchanges with fellow guests?



hike under the marvellous skies, moonlight, and stars over the Atlantic Ocean?



recapture your creative inner child?



embark on an authentic spiritual journey?


 create emotional memories so vivid, you will be able to smell the sea!










Time out on the Azores


Imagine a world of butterflies and crater lakes, soaring cliffs, foggy volcanoes and boiling geysers, blue hydrangeas and pink amaryllis.

Imagine Atlantis...

Lagoa do Fogo

The Ancients placed the mythical continent of Atlantis west of Gibraltar.

They must have been thinking of the Azores, where the beauty of nature

is omnipresent and the power of earth tangible.


Tiny in the Atlantic Ocean as stars in the universe, the nine islands of the archipelago set the unforgettable stage for your transformative journey with Caribou.

Creative explorers

Lagoa dos Caldeirões


Commit to becoming a creative explorer


Growth is a collection of experiences – some social, others solitary.


Join Caribou in a historic monument from the 17th century (formerly Franciscan monastery) with a modern vibe on the Azores' main island of São Miguel. Spend a week – or more – in this oasis of hospitality with its garden and pool. Discover the island and enjoy the freedom to admit to your true self.


Become a creative explorer!


Climb your personal Azores High!


Chà Gorreana


for explorers

Lagoa das Furnas

Exploration beyond São Miguel


The Azorean archipelago, half way between Europe and America, for centuries a meeting place for pirates, Atlantic sailors, adventurers and explorers, is still a special world. When you hear the Açor (Portuguese for hawk), which today is still native to almost all islands, you have arrived...

About us

Ilha de São Miguel

Caribou was founded by us as siblings.

When we were children, we dreamt of the lost continent of Atlantis.

As adults, we still dream of a better world.


This personal quest as well as professional obligations have led us around the globe. Along the way, we collected experiences, learned, and grew. And we explored the Azores, which come as close to a mythical land as there may be.


After five decades, as brother and sister we launched the second half of our lives during a stay in the Azores. Reflecting on the way forward, it seemed natural that we should widen our life long quest by offering others the opportunity to find closer to themselves and each other.


The native Americans held the Caribou, a reindeer, sacred. And when they hunted a Caribou, they used every part of it because they felt obliged to Mother Earth. They could make something out of every part that was important and valuable to them and the community. Shouldn't we do likewise with our core capacities?


The Caribou concept of bringing people together is in our DNA.


Follow the lead and become a creative explorer -

we cordially invite you!

...on the journey towards the infinite,

Urban Waltenspuel + Regula Waltenspuel

Caribou Azores - NPO (UID: CHE-238.540.079)

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Guests for each retreat are assembled according to a shared life situation that they wish to address during their stay. With the aim of making the joint activities productive and enriching, the thematic exchange is tailored to the respective context.


Guests stay one week to immerse themselves fully in this experience. Your investment to participate, is a cost contribution of between 2,500  3,000 francs/euros (excluding travel).

Upon request, e.g. from a group, a stay tailored to their needs can also last up to two weeks.


The guest house can accommodate 20 guests in 10 double rooms.


Season for the stay 2024


6-13 July          Updraft in the Atlantic – for the bereaved (English)

13-20 July        Aufwind im Atlantik – Verwitwete (German)

20-27 July        Jenseits der Grenze(n) - Entdeckungen jenseits der Krankheit (German)

27 July-3 Aug  Neue Horizonte im Atlantik – bald, früh- oder kürzlich Pensionierte (German)

3-10 August    New Horizons in the Atlantic – soon, early- or recent retirees (English)

10-17 August  Atlantic Perspectives: Beyond Boundaries (English)



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